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      I am pleased to be a candidate for the AUSU Students’ Council. My name is Cilhane; I am from France and well-settled in Calgary for about five years. Today, I offer my insight as an immigrant to help improve and reinforce the relationship between students, AUSU, and AU. I genuinely believe that being a newcomer can help detect shortcomings by asking simple questions about the AU student experience, which helps to get things into perspective. As the saying goes: sometimes it’s good to take a step back.

      However, I would like to emphasize a point. Since I live in Calgary, I am doing the bachelor’s like a Canadian. Thus, I am qualified to represent all students, not only newcomers.

      A little bit more about me? I am also a mommy to a two-year-old little girl who helps me play silly and stay young. Besides that, I am a true video gamer and I like spending time on the computer; this is why I have chosen to get a Bachelor’s in psychology with AU.

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