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      I would love to hear your thoughts on working as a team and some examples of your successes within a team environment. AUSU is, first and foremost, a collaborative organization that works as a team to get things done. While it takes diverse perspectives to come together to create this environment, it is a team nonetheless.

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      I am admittedly the student that prefers working on individual assignments than group projects , and it was a little bit funny when a while after I got elected last time that I was sitting at my desk having the realisation that I had essentially signed up for a large, two year long, group project.

      But, the AUSU team is really great. My favourite is probably when we’re working on something and someone says something and I’m sitting there going “I never would have thought of that, and it’s a really good idea.” Our society likes to play lip service to diversity as if its primary benefit is that it makes people feel good to be included (which is true, and people being included and feeling good are both important), but I think we often gloss over the fact that diversity means that if one person isn’t great at something (or is just inexperienced with it) someone else will likely be good at it.

      In my work with AUSU over the past year I also got to be on teams with student leaders from other institutions (I was the VP External), and at the start of one of those teams one of them said, “I want to make sure we assume positive intent” which has stuck with me, and been really helpful. When talking about important issues there will absolutely be disagreements and coming at it from the point of “we don’t see eye to eye but we are all working to make students’ lives better” really contributed to constructive discussions and work, which is something I want to continue on in this next council term.

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      Natalia Iwanek

      I think that one of AUSU’s strengths is that it attracts student leaders from a variety of lived experiences, identities, and geographical locations. At times, this makes working as part of a team extremely challenging, as well as rewarding.

      Making decisions by consensus, respectfully acknowledging debate, while adhering to AUSU’s core organizational values is important. For myself, I find that team successes come when we all provide our personal experiences, knowledge, and lenses to a problem, while ensuring the AU’s diverse student needs are reflected, and try to find a solution by consensus and discussion.

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      Amber McDuffe

      Team work can be challenging. I have the mindset where self reflection and critical thinking shape my decisions and I bring this forward when working in a team. As a psychology student I have found it interesting to learn about how we are all a product of our environment and the way we see things can be so vastly different based on our lived experiences. When people have different lived experiences and they have trouble seeing things from a different perspective it can create difficulties. Extreme independence while having a drive to help people is something I’m guilty of, so team work can be difficult when you just want to get something done but have to rely on those around you; or you feel your point of view is not getting through to those you’re working with. Sometimes being a good member of a team is knowing when to “re-treat and re-evaluate,” come up with a different course of action or self assess to be sure this is something that is truly important or whether you’re responding to it in this way because of your lived experience.

      Team work can also be incredibly beneficial as multiple voices speaking in unison about an issue tend to be louder and more impactful than one voice trying to scream over the crowd. The best example of the challenges and strengths of team work I have been a part of during my time at AUSU so far has been working on awards committee. When it is awards season we process hundreds of applications and need to narrow it down to just a few. We put in hours of work beforehand which takes days going through the applicants and forming lists of who our top picks are for each category and why. When it comes down to meeting time we communicate who we chose and why. It is tough when you have different opinions and not enough awards to hand out so everyone’s top picks are selected but it’s through the team work and effective communication that we are able to narrow it down. Sometimes the debates get “heated” as everyone is incredibly passionate but that passion is what makes us a great team.

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