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      Josh Ryan

      Hi! My name is Josh Ryan and I’ve been with AU since 2012. I was working on a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management but recently changed over to a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science, Minor in Psychology. I currently live in Ottawa, ON but am originally from small town Northern Ontario (Timmins) as is my spouse and her children.

      I’ve served on council for the past two years, and have been proud to have worked with a diverse set of fellow councillors on key initiatives. We’ve advocated together for better mental health support, advocated against tuition increases, been vocal with all levels of government on student interests, tried to build a better sense of community with our engagement initiatives and presented student concerns around financial aid, timeliness and responsiveness of the university, textbooks vs e-texts and many others. Advocacy is an area near to the heart for me as we try to make the student experience better.

      I would consider it a privilege to be able to continue these efforts in the new council term and continuing to bridge the geographic distances that often define our studies at AU by virtue of the flexibility.

      I believe council can continue to focus on advocating at the provincial and federal levels of government to effect change, working with the university on issues such as tuition, collaboration and joint outreach to our students and continuing to advance issues such as reconciliation and mental health among others. I am committed to supporting these efforts in any way I can.

      Please reach out if you’d like to discuss further or have questions, always glad to chat. [email protected]

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