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      Karen Fletcher

      In 2019 I returned to university to pursue my passion for math and science, I’ve loved Athabasca’s flexibility and have enjoyed getting to know the community in the AUSU app. Athabasca’s distance learning provides opportunities for people who don’t find traditional universities a good fit, but sometimes AU doesn’t fully live up to its potential. I want to be on AUSU council to advocate for Athabasca to be all that it can be. I have experience sitting on the board of a non-profit and have a commitment to administration done well.

      I care deeply about learning and education, and I believe that students should be able to focus on their studies while being able to rely on the marking standards Athabasca has. It’s unacceptable for students to be unable to progress at their pace because tutors aren’t fulfilling the terms of their contract, and I want to be elected to AUSU so I can advocate for systems to be created to address this. I would be honoured to have the opportunity to represent you.

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