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      Hello! My name is Katy Lowe and I am currently running for a councillor position in the AUSU 2020 Election. I have three young and busy children and outside of performing my taxi duties, I am a full-time student with AU. I’ve been a student with AU since November 2017 and love the community and unique student experience, which is a main reason I want to participate in the student council and contribute the the experience of all students in a positive way.

      Please feel free to reach out to me via social media, forum posts, or email if you want have any questions or want to discuss anything further. I am very excited to ensure student’s voices and perspectives are included in all decisions, prioritizing what is important to students to both maintain and build upon the student experience in a positive way.

      AU has been a revolutionary force in creating an open learning environment removing barriers to post-secondary education worldwide. While facing budgetary adjustments it is critical that an open and inclusive learning environment remains a primary goal. Tuition increases have been implemented, with proposed subsequent increases posing a considerable barrier to students. I plan to use my position within AUSU to advocate for students to reduce obstacles to higher learning, ensuring student voices are heard.

      AU possesses a unique student experience and I propose to implement activities to increase social engagement among students through increased networking opportunities to enhance student learning within subject areas. Specifically, I want to implement connections between AU’s undergraduate and graduate population to encourage relationships among students to both inspire and support both programs.

      Please consider me, Katy Lowe, as a councillor in the 2020 AUSU election.

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