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      Natalia Iwanek

      Hi everyone!

      My name is Natalia Iwanek and I’ve recently moved back to Ontario after many years spent living and working all over southern, as well as northern, Alberta and BC.

      I’m currently a third year Bachelor of English major and work as a copy editor, writer, and volunteer. In addition to AU, I’ve also attended York University and Simon Fraser University as well.

      I returned to school as a mature student about three years ago. During my time at AU, I’ve tried to get as involved as possible in an online institution. I’m a weekly writer for our student newspaper, The Voice Magazine, as well as monthly AUSU Meeting Reporter. I cover diverse topics relating to online education, provincial and federal bills and legislations affecting students, as well as inclusivity and representation for underrepresented students, including those in ASD. (I’m the one constantly bothering everyone for their opinions!) I also recently started a new monthly column, in light of our cancelled Convocation, interviewing AU recent graduates and alums!

      In my spare time, I’m a member of the Student Relations Committee for Editors Canada, Canada’s national editing organization, working to encourage new editors on their transition to the editing world. (On a personal level, I spend my free time outdoors and adore any sort of roadtrip. I’m also the world’s best perogie, dumpling, and empanada maker. Or so I’d like to think!)

      I write a great deal about what type of work needs to be done on a provincial, as well as federal level. If elected, I would love to put this expertise and absolute passion toward change and creating inclusive and equitable environments for all students to use.

      Throughout my recent interviews with students, I’ve noticed certain themes and issues, including the recent 7% tuition increase that takes effect in September, as well as the 2% credit card increase. Students are frustrated with AU’s response during this recent pandemic, including problems with ProctorU invigilation, as well as the recent transition to e-texts, without lowering fees or consultation with students. Access to student services, as well as tutor problems and delays in marking have affected students as well. Students are also struggling mentally, and Homewood Health does not appear to be enough.

      The recent pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, financially, physically, and mentally. I would appreciate the opportunity to advocate on behalf of students, to ensure that all our voices are heard and no one is left behind. It’s a difficult situation, but I’m confident (and hopeful!) that I can be part of a solution to some of these recent stresses and continue the amazing work that this year’s council has already begun.

      I appreciate the consideration, and I would truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you all! Please do not hesitate to get in touch! I would love to hear from you. 🙂

      – Natalia

      Natalia Iwanek Campaign Poster

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