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      My name is Natasha Donahue and I’ve been a student with AU since 2013. I am studying a Bachelor of Science degree and intend on working toward a French Language Certificate once that is complete (hopefully later this year!). I live with my partner, son, and three cats. I have a passion for advocacy work, and I have been working with populations who traditionally experience less access to resources and opportunities for several years. I am a Métis person, and my experiences working with Indigenous individuals and populations as well as my own life experiences have pushed me to put advocacy for Indigenous issues to the forefront of my work. Along with advocacy, I am passionate about building a student community for AU in an innovative way, considering our community is so inherently unique.

      I would consider it an absolutely privilege to be able to continue my work in these areas as a councillor with AUSU, including helping expand our ability to build more student connections and spaces in our virtual campus environment.

      There are many avenues for AUSU to explore this upcoming term. From career services, mental health, provincial and federal advocacy, Indigenous student representation, advocating to the institution for tuition, policy development, student community, collaboration with AU for events, and AUSU media development, among others —- there is so much to work on and I am committed to supporting this work to the fullest of my abilities.

      Please feel free to reach out to me anytime to chat or if you have any questions. My email is: [email protected].

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