Nominee – Alek Golijanin, Ottawa ON

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      In life nothing is guaranteed, everything is earned, and hard work pays off. That’s my motto, and it’s why I’ll be successful in championing the student voice. I’m a 4th year business student that’s had the privilege of representing our university at Provincial (CPA) and International (CME) competitions. Now I want to represent our students, with world-class standards in mind. Our university is filled with students from all walks of life, the best and brightest Canada and the world has to offer. My big dream is to open more doors, bringing about co-op programs for long distance learners. Tuition rates are set to increase by 7%, I’ll work hard to ensure that the increased tuition revenue is reinvested into enhancing student delivery systems.

      My background is in international humanitarian work. I’ve collaborated with everyone from Embassies to national police forces. When it comes to working with partners and key stakeholders, I have results-oriented experience at the highest levels.

      I’ve made tangible impacts in the real-world, now it’s time to make them in the learning-world!

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