Nominee – Monique Durette, Okotoks AB

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      I am a third-year AU student, working towards a BA in Political Science, with a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies. My goal is to use the knowledge gained about the political system and put it to work in the non-profit sector. I have worked for large corporations, small companies, and owned several businesses, and what I discovered throughout was that I wanted to do work that was more socially-conscious and less fiscally driven. In my previous financial management business, I was subcontracted in 2011 as the Finance Coordinator for Skate Canada: Alberta where I managed the day-to-day finances of their significant operations. From 2014-2019, I held numerous volunteer roles for MCAN (MaternityCare Consumers of Alberta Network), eventually being elected President in 2017. I have a solid understanding of the functionality of governance and policies, in addition to my business experience in the finance and administrative domains. I would love the opportunity to bring my skills and knowledge to the role of councillor, while also gaining additional experience that I can use upon graduation.

      Check out my YouTube video of why I want to be an AUSU councillor:

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