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      Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Stacey. I am in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Governance, Law and Management. I can be quite passionate when it comes to social equality and social justice issues. I believe that unions are essential within democratic societies to ensure that all voices are heard, united, and can work together to see our needs are served.

      I have lived in smaller northern community’s such as Fort St John, BC and Slave lake, AB to larger urban centres including Edmonton and Calgary, AB. Having lived in remote communities like Fort St John where resources are limited, I bring this perspective with me when I approach AU issues. I understand internet connections can be spotty, how hard it is to find proctors, even finding childcare, are all obstacles AU students face while completing their degrees.

      All of these obstacles are issues that require more funds from a student to fix, but with rising tuition, these obstacles will soon become insurmountable for those who are already vulnerable. Education should and needs to be accessible and universal. AU prides itself on being ‘open’ and I think the AUSU student representatives need to strive to ensure it remains so. Education is key to furthering one’s self in our society, but with rising costs, those who will bear the brunt will be those already struggling, like single-mom and dad’s, immigrants, and indigenous populations. I want to represent AU students to ensure those voices are heard and taken into account before more tough decisions are made. Funding cuts shouldn’t have to be borne by the student; it is time institutions find other solutions.

      Further, I am interested in advocating for more innovation when it comes to AU course content, I understand that plan is on the horizon, so I want to be in a position where I can ensure that the transition is smooth and again, AU students interests are represented during this transition period. AU is a unique learning environment, I believe it is the future of education, and I feel passionate about what it can do to better our lives. Education is the key for many successes and this unique platform makes it accessible. Innovation can only make it better, more digestible, so everyone can thrive.

      My main commitments are:

      – I am passionate about higher education and what it can do for society

      – I am passionate about democratic process and how unions are key to its proper function. We students need a strong voice in times of tough decisions!

      – I am passionate about making AU experience more accessible: As a student who is dyslexic, I know all too well how crucial AU services such as the ASD to students. And how it is key for our success. I want to advocate for more services and making the AU experience more accessible to students with disabilities.

      I want to see the AUSU student mobile App is upgraded with accessibility in mind, as in its current state, it can be difficult for those who have accessibility issues to use.

      – Create community, AU is a diverse group of students and we need means to connect more. Connection and community are key for students in times of stress. We need to do more to facilitate community for those who aren’t in the main urban centres.

      Finally, A little about me: When I am not a full-time AU student, I am first a mother of 2. I volunteer as a facilitator at their learning co-op, which is a unique environment that is democratically run. Students share and equal voice in decision making with the adults. I believe democratic education needs to start with children. When I am not hanging out with kids, I am a member of the Emergency Response Team with the Red Cross Canada. I am a sitting member of the AU advisory Committee and I am currently a member of a local Toastmasters club. And finally, because as we ‘cross-fitters’ do, I have recently discovered and fell in love with CrossFit. If you want to chat about CrossFit, what you can lift, your WOD, wallballs, anything CrossFit related, I am all ears!

      So please consider voting for me to represent you on Feb 25th, 2020. I am passionate and I can make a difference for all AU students to ensure we all strive and thrive together. AU can be isolating at times, lets change this and start connecting more!

      Follow me:
      Instagram: @Schutchi
      Twitter: @staychutch

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