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      If you could only choose one thing to focus on as a student leader, what would it be?

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      Ensuring students feel heard, understood, and supported. I understand that is a vague and broad answer. However, without context, it is difficult to narrow down any specific area. Unless there were an area that significantly outweighed others, I would focus on ensuring students’ voices do not go unheard or fall within gray areas that are not necessarily clear in their policies—attempting to align communication in a manner that is easily understood and clear for the student to understand, as well as assisting in problem-solving, whether guiding them to the right department or professional or researching an answer for them.

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      Chantel Bradley

      For me, being a student accessing financial aid and being a student with disabilities, I think my advocacy would start in those two areas. I am eager to see what other areas are currently in discussion for student council as I hope to turn up the volume of AU student voices.
      Chantel Bradley

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      I would be focusing on the mental health and wellness of students. There needs to be be more support that is clearly available for the students. Access able programs and options that make all students feel comfortable to use. There is no reason if a students needs help that they can’t find it with AUSU.
      Bonnie McAndrew

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      I would advocate for tutor selection or at minimum the ability to change a tutor at least once throughout a course. I find there are so many great tutors at AU that have worked well for me in my studies. However, there are some that I find I feel as though I am bothering them with too many questions, or that do not have the time to reply to me. Some reply to emails or mark assignments within a longer time frame than the expectations on the website, and as an online learner this can get frustrating.

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      As a student leader, if I could only choose one thing to focus on, it would be building a strong and inclusive community.

      A strong community is the foundation of any successful organization, and as a student leader, it’s your responsibility to foster a sense of belonging and connection among members. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as organizing social events, creating opportunities for members to get to know each other, and encouraging open and honest communication.

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