What are some topics that you would like discussed in AUSU Open Mic? (Podcast)

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      Hello fellow candidates,

      I thought I would pose a fun question!

      AUSU Open Mic launched just over a year ago and it has been a fun and unique way to connect with our membership. We are constantly brainstorming new topics and ideas for future podcast episodes. I just thought I would ask what are some topics that you would like to see discussed in future podcast episodes? Be creative! The past 20 episodes can be found here: https://www.ausu.org/services/ausu-podcast/

      Best of luck everyone,

      Brittay Daigle

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      This is quite the question, I think everyone will be able to call themselves “producers” after this one. I think it would be cool to hear from past students that have sat on council 5+ years ago, AU has there own promotions of students breaking glass ceilings so and gives out Alumni awards so that might be interesting, maybe councilors sharing their story to highlight just how mixed this group of leaders really is, how to participate in University challenges/competitions where students can earn a nice buck($$$), councilors sharing how they think the challenges of today would be best tackled.

      There’s too many ideas!

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      Natasha Donahue

      Thank you for this question!

      I have had the privilege over the past year to help work on the AUSU Open Mic podcast along with our staff and councillors. It’s been an incredible learning experience and I am so proud that other students’ unions across Canada are now coming to AUSU to ask how we did it so they can start their own shows. It’s been great to have an inside look at what goes into these episodes, and through this time I’ve been able to help write interview questions, coordinate with guests to appear on the show, and brainstorm topics for the show, as well as report back to council on progress. I just happened to have finished compiling a list of topics for the show a few days ago so we can continue creating solid content.

      Some of the ideas I have are: grad studies and/or research at AU, perspectives from students with disabilities, getting involved as a leader in our student community, pride month and the 2SLGBTQA+ community at AU, meeting our new mental health coordinator and her vision for mental health services at AU, the importance of academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism, and so much more.

      I am really looking forward to seeing what other topics people would like to see developed into episodes since we have such a diverse set of perspectives among all the candidates!

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      Darcie Lynn Fleming

      Great question Brittany,

      The podcasts have all been entertaining and informative and it has been a great initiative, This is not so much a topic but I think it would be interesting to host a student talent podcast. AUSU could showcase a comedian, short storyteller, poet, dramatic reading or whatever else can be broadcast. It would be a fun way to build community and provide an avenue for students to share their talents.


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      Josh Ryan

      Great question!

      The podcasts have been such a unique way to get information out. I’d love to see an episode where a current or former student chats about common challenges they’ve encountered and how they overcome them (could be distance, time management, balancing all life’s priorities). Having the university as guests and speaking about how we continue the dialogue on reconciliation and breaking down barriers for Indigenous students and others.

      There’s so many great topics we can explore! I look forward to seeing what the next year brings.

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      I like the suggestion of Darcie Lynn Flamming. At the times of this crisis (here I mean rather a social crisis, than a financial one) and isolation personally I feel a huge boost of need for self-expression and creativity. So that would be a great practice

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