What are you looking forward to most about serving on council?

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      Question for the candidates: what are you looking forward to most about serving on student council? 🙂

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      Candidate, Leah Campbell, here.

      For me, it’s a balance between the give and take; the opportunity to give back and advocate for the student body and the opportunity to take away the inevitable life experience that comes with it. Knowledge is gained through experiences like these and I cannot wait to get to work and hopefully make a lasting impact for current and future students.

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      I look forward to being able to take the initiative to correctly approach the ongoing or upcoming issues that AUSU is currently facing and to tackle them with innovative solutions. I know what I have grown to like about AU’s online learning system and what I have grown to dislike. Therefore, I am eager to assist in the development of a new AU Virtual Learning Environment with major online infrastructure changes to help students navigate and access resources with ease. For me, as a student council member, team-bonding activities are vital because it helps members learn and understand one another’s personal strengths, weaknesses, and ideas. This way we become more proactive as AUSU counsellors/executives to better accommodate AU students with their online learning experience. As I campaign in the 2021 by-election with positivity my prerogative is to reach out and get to know each one of you in return that you also get to know me too!

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      Amy Mayer

      I’m looking forward to connecting with my fellow students. I want to actively listen and engage our student body to find out what matters to you. So far, I’ve loved my time at AU and would like to give back to our unique community, all while getting to know more of our members. In addition, I want to work collaboratively with the great team currently sitting on our student council, and I would love to be a new voice representing you on our student council.

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      I’m looking forward to fixing glaring problems (like out-of-date student forum platforms built in the 1980s) that don’t encourage active participation. Harnessing the strengths of AU and turning them into unique features that set it apart from other universities will be quite an undertaking, but an exciting one. With one of the most diverse student bodies of any university, AU should be able to draw from a pool of diverse perspectives and come up with creative solutions that would never see the light of day anywhere else. THAT is what I’m looking forward to. What can AU do differently? What sort of outside-the-box methods will students come up with, and how can we collaborate virtually to make it happen? I’m excited to push the envelope as a student council member and drag AU into the 21st century.

      – Marley Curtis (signing my name because I can’t tell if my profile will show it since a 3rd party external service “Gravitron” is apparently used to manage profiles on a student forum and there is ?a delay? in updates for some wild reason.

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      I’m most looking forward to helping both AU and its students. I’d like to make changes for the better and if I can, I will. However, my whole goal in life is helping. If I am helping someone…anyone with virtually anything I am happy. I am also a huge fan of AU as it has been life changing for me and you can bet your most prized possession that if there’s a way I can have AU take up even more of my day to day life I’ll gladly do it in a heartbeat with the biggest smile possible! 🙂

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      Joel Palyga

      Thank you for the question! Simply, I am looking forward to engaging with and representing the student body of AU. It would be a huge privilege to shape and craft the policy of AUSU which will impact current and future AU students. Additionally, I look forward to developing relationships and working with members of the student council, as well as our AUSU staff members.

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      Candidate Eva Notter,

      I am looking forward to becoming a more involved part of the student body. I am excited to learn more about the policies governing our school experience, as well as the process to go about changing those policies which can be improved. I hope to find ways to impact positive change for the student body as a whole, gain experience, and develop relationships while working in a new role.

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      I am looking forward to actually being able to enact change at AU for the better! I want to better serve the student body to hold AU accountable and to ensure that we are getting the proper level of education for what we are paying.
      As well, I have always had a strong interest in politics and joining the AUSU would be a great opportunity to have more diverse voices within the council.

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