What interests you most about serving on Students’ Council?

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      In a few words, let your fellow AU undergraduates know what you look forward to most if elected to the Students’ Council.

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      I am very interested in hearing from students and hearing their concerns. Helping people is a passion I have, and this is an amazing opportunity to help students.

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      Natalia Iwanek

      I look forward to being able to acknowledge and address the varied concerns of AU’s unique student demographics and to solve issues.

      One of my favourite things about AU is also what makes advocacy a bit different here than at traditional brick and mortar institutions. AU students are found in all geographical areas, throughout Canada and across the globe. They are located in large cities, small towns, and rural or remote areas. They may have accessibility needs and require accommodations. They may prefer physical textbooks over e-texts or vice versa, but they deserve choice. They may be from equity-seeking communities. They may be looking to get into graduate programs and are looking for research opportunities. They may have dependents. They may be working while studying.

      What we all have in common is that we want affordable and up-to-date education with accountability.

      If re-elected, I most look forward to working toward decreasing systemic barriers to and within post-secondary education and beyond for all students, as well as striving for an undergraduate experience that is affordable, accessible, community-focused, professional-development focused, memorable, and valuable.

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      I love finding practical solutions to problems that make students’ lives better. I’m running for re-election and one of the things I’ve found most satisfying about my current role is being able to come to the university administration and say things like, “Hey, students have been concerned about _______ it would fix it if you would ________” and then have them do it. I’ve managed to get the tuition payment website fixed so it’s clear how students can go about paying their tuition, got AU to put aside money for students who need help paying for an assessment so they can access accommodations they need for school, and most recently they’re going to change the courses descriptions that simply say “temporarily closed” to let students know when we can expect the course to be open again, so students can plan our education. I’ve also loved working on the bigger projects too (speaking up against tuition, making sure students’ voices are heard in committees), and seeing practical changes that actually help students is the thing that gets me most excited about serving AU students.

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      Amber McDuffe

      I like to make a difference in people’s lives. When I ran for council in the 2020 by-election students came forward with numerous concerns, I kept note of everything students mentioned and brought it forward in our meetings. Going into every meeting I approached the topics with a mindset that wasn’t “how can this benefit me” but instead “how can this help the student body as a whole” as I feel that mindset is sometimes lost when people step into a political position. I try to look at a situation from multiple angles and think critically about it. Bringing that different view forward can help others to reassess and re-evaluate and I like to be able to provide that thought provoking content to our discussions.

      I am most interested in continuing to listen and continuing to be a voice for the concerns of my fellow students. If I am re-elected, my email is always open to students whether you have an idea or resource you think the student union should provide students, have a concern about any aspect of your experience at AU or just want to connect with a fellow student you can contact me at any time. I base my goals in my student advocacy on the feedback from students rather than what I personally want to see.

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