What will you do to get the phone lines open?

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      Student are paying full price for tuition and facing a 7% increase, yet Student Support Services are at an all time low. Lengthy waits for e-mail request replies and it is August 25th with still no Student Support phone lines open. What will you do to get the phone lines open and ensure students have the support they need right now.

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      This is a great question, and is a topic the existing team at AUSU has been actively advocating for since March. The AUSU executives have been meeting regularly with high-level administration at the University to discuss the difficulties students have been facing during the pandemic. There were some obstacles to getting phone systems back in place with staff working from home now due to health and safety requirements and the need to ensure staff privacy, while also developing a new system to ensure that when phones do open, the calls are able to be triaged effectively to the appropriate staff to ensure students needs are being met.

      We are happy to say that AU is in the process of getting the phone system in place, and will be opening soon. AU will post this to their website once this is finalized.

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      I hope the support team gets better day by day.

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      Nicole Hemmings

      Hi there,
      being a month after this post the phone lines are still not up. When can we expect them up and running again? The lengthy times in waiting for replies from financial aid are becoming a regularly commented problem posted to the AUSU app. Is anything being done about this? also, why is there no port to see what the status of our course plan?

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