What would you do as an AUSU councillor if there were no constraints?

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      Natasha Donahue

      Hey fellow candidates!

      I thought I would pose a fun question to you all.

      What would you do as an AUSU councillor if there were no constraints? If money, time, resources, or any other barriers were no issue, what would you like to see happen for our AU community?



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      Darcie Lynn Fleming

      Great question, Natasha! The best thing that we could do for our AU students it would be to pay for the 7% increase to student tuition for all students, or better yet pay for ½ of the tuition costs for students or on a grand scheme, pay for 100% of tuition costs. We can all have a dream!
      I believe a video/youtube channel with various episodes such as a welcome to AUSU, navigation for new students, student experiences, contests etc.would be a great addition to our student engagement plans. I would also like to have AU alumni, professors and other persons of interest share their stories, ongoing research and their opinions on issues of the day. These videos would be produced on a professional level.
      I would like to see more engagement with students with meet and greets/ social events in communities all over the country and world. Offer them food, and they will come! The meet and greet events that have previously taken place have been very fun and has been a great opportunity to meet other students. We need to expand the areas that we visit to gain a grassroots perspective. Councillors could do an AUSU tour similar to that of a band!

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      Natasha Donahue

      Thanks Darcie! 🙂

      I think my answer to this question would be: cross-Canada student socials! I think it would be so fun and exciting if councillors from AUSU could trek across Canada, including the territories which are so often overlooked, and meet students from all over the nation. It would be so much fun, but it would also provide us with an opportunity to come into others’ communities and learn from them, hear their stories, and understand their perspectives. I have done a lot of outreach work in my past and have had the privilege to travel around Canada on AUSU business, and the depth of understanding you take on when you are inside the community itself is so important in order to adequately understand the issues you are discussing. Aside from this, it would also help build up our student community and create momentum to carry that work into the future.

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      Before I was a business student, I earned a scholarship for Nursing at the University of Ottawa but after a year I realized it just was not for me. I am unsure if AU has something in place where students can get rewarded for having good GPAs after completing a certain amount of courses, maybe seeing the course registration fees get reduced. Even with constraints I think this is something AU can afford to implement, and further attracting some of Canada’s and the world’s best and brightest learners. However, this would be independent of AUSU scholarships and AU driven, but I am unsure if something like this already exists.

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      If there were no constraints, as an AUSU Councillor, I would bring forward a proposal to provide full scholarships for students in financial need (determined not only by income threshold but also accounting for household dependents, including possible adult dependents), and for student with disabilities. In order to provide equal opportunities to all in society, providing a paid post-secondary education, as well as funds to cover living costs while obtaining the post-secondary education, to those who would benefit most would help to alleviate some of the oppression people within these intersections of society face.

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      Such a great question, Nat!

      An easy one for me would be that AUSU could pay the tuition for all AU students, as this would eliminate one of the largest barriers for people wanting to attend post secondary institutions! Aside from that, it would be awesome if we could pay for all materials, tutors, examinations, and textbook fees, because those fees can often be significant! It would also be nice to be able to host regular events all over Canada, where students could come together, hang out, and create their own student community!

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      I would offer five things:

      1. An Indigenous learning pathway for AU through AUSU such as including integrating Indigenous languages as part of the learning process.

      2. Introduce AUSU Scholarships for those who have a GPA of 3.6 and up, that could pay for a full semester’s tuition

      3. Offer a full health and dental plan, an optional one, for those in need

      4. Add new bursaries for low-mid income families in need

      5. Hire an active recruiter to help new graduates find new work

      Fahid Hussain

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