Awards Committee

The Awards Committee develops ideas, programs, and services for AUSU’s awards program and helps to ensure that funds are used to the maximum benefit of AU undergraduate students. The committee is chaired by the Vice-President Finance and Administration (VPFA) and has up to four additional members appointed by Council.

2023 Awards Committee

Committee Chair

“The Awards Committee is tasked with determining eligibility, criteria, and disbursement for our various awards and bursaries. In 2021, AUSU was able to double the awards and bursaries given to students in an effort to help mitigate the financial impact of the ongoing pandemic and help as many students as possible. The committee is thrilled that, thanks to a generous donation from AU, the awards will be doubled once again in 2022!”

Leah Campbell
2021 Committee Chair

If you have questions about the Awards Committee or are interested in getting involved with AUSU committees, please email for information. Our committees run on annual terms beginning each April.

More information on the Awards Committee can be found in policy 8.02.