Council Meeting Minutes

This page contains the official Athabasca University Students’ Union council meeting minutes from AUSU regular council meetings for the last two years. Please email [email protected] if you are looking for any minutes or other documents that are not posted here.

Minutes for each council meeting are approved at the following meeting. Minutes for the Annual Members’ Meeting are approved at the next Members’ Meeting and are part of the meeting package. All members may observe council meetings via free teleconference, and may participate in any Members Meetings. Watch our front page calendar for meeting dates.

Meeting Minutes

2019-02-19COUNCILView File
2019-01-10COUNCILView File
2018-11-08COUNCILView File
2018-10-11COUNCILView File
2018-09-13COUNCILView File
2018-08-09COUNCILView File
2018-07-12COUNCILView File
2018-06-16COUNCILView File
2018-05-10COUNCILView File
2018-04-10COUNCILView File
2018-03-13COUNCILView File
2018-02-13COUNCILView File
2018-01-15COUNCILView File
2017-12-18COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2017-12-12COUNCILView File
2017-11-14COUNCILView File
2017-11-08COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2017-10-12COUNCILView File
2017-09-12COUNCILView File
2017-08-08COUNCILView File
2017-07-11COUNCILView File
2017-06-13COUNCILView File
2017-05-09COUNCILView File
2017-04-11COUNCILView File
2017-03-14COUNCILView File
2017-03-07COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2017-02-16COUNCILView File
2017-01-31COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2017-01-10COUNCILView File
2016-12-13COUNCILView File
2016-11-23COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2016-11-08COUNCILView File
2016-10-13COUNCILView File
2016-10-05COUNCIL(Special Meeting)View File
2016-09-13COUNCILView File
2016-08-09COUNCILView File
2016-06-26COUNCILView File
2016-06-14COUNCILView File
2016-05-10COUNCILView File
2016-04-14COUNCILView File
2016-04-01COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2016-03-31COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2016-03-16COUNCIL (Special Meeting)View File
2016-03-10COUNCILView File
2016-03-08COUNCILView File
2016-02-11COUNCILView File
2016-01-21COUNCIL (Working Meeting)View File
2016-01-14COUNCILView File
2015-12-10COUNCILView File
2015-12-01COUNCIL (Working Meeting)View File
2015-11-12COUNCILView File
2015-10-26COUNCIL (Working Meeting)View File
2015-10-13COUNCILView File
2015-09-09COUNCILView File
2015-08-27COUNCILView File
2015-06-10COUNCILView File
2015-05-13COUNCILView File
2015-03-11COUNCILView File
2015-02-23COUNCILView File
2015-02-11COUNCILView File
2015-01-14COUNCILView File
2014-12-10COUNCILView File
2014-11-12COUNCILView File
2014-10-08COUNCILView File
2014-09-10COUNCILView File
2014-08-13COUNCILView File
2014-07-09COUNCILView File
2014-06-11COUNCILView File
2014-05-14COUNCILView File
2014-03-31COUNCILView File
2014-03-26AGM View File
2014-02-19COUNCILView File
2013-12-09COUNCILView File
2013-11-04COUNCILView File
2013-10-07COUNCILView File
2013-09-11COUNCILView File
2013-08-12COUNCILView File
2013-07-02COUNCILView File
2013-06-04COUNCILView File
2013-05-01COUNCILView File
2013-04-10AGMView File
2013-03-05COUNCILView File
2013-02-06COUNCILView File
2013-01-09COUNCILView File

All minutes are in pdf format, and can be read with the free Adobe Acrobat reader. We recommend that you right-click to save the files on your computer as reading PDF files directly online can be slow.