New Councillor Election coming up in Feb-Mar 2020. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Council elections are held every 2 years. AUSU council consists of AUSU members elected to council by the student membership.

There are 13 council seats at AUSU. Councillors guide and direct the organization through its mission, vision, and values. Councillors attend council and committee meetings by teleconference, develop strategic plans, policies, bylaws, an annual budget, and more. You can find out more about councillor responsibilities in AUSU Policy 2.14 Councillor Responsibility and Honoraria.

In addition, three executive positions are internally elected from the elected councillors. The executive positions consist of the President, VP External and Student Affairs, and VP Finance and Administration, with competitive remuneration. You can find out more about the executive positions in AUSU Policy 2.03 Responsibilities of Executive Officers and AUSU Policy 2.15 Executive Accountability and Compensation.

The day-to-day operations of AUSU are run by a dedicated team of 5 staff members (3 full-time, 2 part-time), but the organization is student-led by the elected council and executives.

The 2018 General Election was held from February 28 to March 6, 2018.

The next General Election will be held in February – March 2020.


For more information about AUSU elections and election procedures, please review section 3 of the AUSU policy manual, which can be found online here.

For more information about councillor roles, responsibilities, and honorarium, please review section 2 of the AUSU policy manual, found online here.

Previous Election Results

2018 General Election

2016 By-Election

2016 General Election

2015 By-Election


If you have any questions or concerns about AUSU elections, please contact us at [email protected].