Peer Course Reviews

AUSU has launched new online Peer Course Reviews for Athabasca University undergraduate courses! The Peer Course Reviews give students a confidential way to rate their course experience at AU, and to provide feedback for fellow AU students!

*Make note, if no reviews show up for the specific course you want to see, that just means no one has filled out a review for that course yet. Keep checking back – there will be more reviews once more students participate!

Why should you fill out an AUSU Peer Course Review?

  • They can be filled out any time, even after you have completed your course(s).
  • They are completely anonymous, so your review has no impact on your grades or relationship with your AU tutor or course expert.
  • The AUSU Peer Course Review is different than the course evaluation sent out by Athabasca University, with a peer-based review perspective.
  • AU students will be able to see the feedback provided by their peers to help them make informed choices about the courses they register in.

We encourage students to fill out a review after every AU course they take! The more students fill out reviews, the more results you will be able to view!

The data provided in the reviews will be monitored by AUSU so that any ongoing concerns with courses can be brought up to Athabasca University. The students filling out the reviews will remain anonymous and their identity will not be shared with the university.

If you have an urgent concern about a specific course or your experience at Athabasca University, please contact AUSU directly.