Peer Course Reviews

Did you know that we have an online Peer Course Review service? It gives students a confidential platform for rating their AU course experience and providing anonymous feedback to fellow students.

Our course review service is different from the course evaluations sent to you by AU. AUSU Peer Course Reviews aim to highlight your broader student experience and share it with fellow undergraduates to help them make decisions about their academic journey. Rest assured that your review is completely anonymous every step of the way, so your feedback will have no impact on your academic record or relationship with the university.

How You Use the Peer Course Review Service

We encourage you to submit a review whenever you finish an AU course. This can include courses you have previously finished but not reviewed.

Curious about what others have had to say about an AU course? Search existing reviews by course or subject to learn more about the student experience.

Peer Course Reviews & Advocacy

The AUSU Peer Course Review service is monitored for trends and ongoing concerns to help keep your Student Council informed about the AU student experience. Although the reviews are anonymous, topics highlighted in the reviews provide valuable feedback to your student council as they advocate to the University on your behalf.

Please note that if you have an urgent concern about a specific course or experience at Athabasca University, please contact us directly at