Undergraduate Student Research

Did you know that Athabasca University is a Comprehensive Academic and Research University (CARU)? Existing and emerging research at AU can be grouped into four broad themes not inclusive of all the research being currently conducted. They are:

Environmental and societal dynamics

Related to social, economic, and ecological dimensions of sustainability.

Society, culture, health, and well-being

Related to human experience, individual or collective, past, present, or future.

Pedagogies and pedagogical theory

Examining traditional education, including how learning is nurtured and measured.

Digital futures

The design, application, and impact of digital technology on society.

Check out the University’s 5-Year Strategic Research Plan.

Undergraduate research

Research isn’t just for graduate students anymore. AU supports undergraduates participating in their broad scope of research.

Furthermore, if you are studying engineering or the natural sciences, you can apply for NSERC’s $4,500 Undergraduate Student Research Awards, the winners of which AU provides additional financial support. Each award provides 16 weeks of full-time research work experience in an academic setting.

If you would like to work with an AU faculty member in your area of interest, contact the Research Centre.

If you have any suggestions for resources that would help other undergraduate students interested in research at AU, let us know at [email protected].