VMock Resume Review

AUSU has teamed up with VMock Inc. to provide our members with free access to the VMock resume review platform where you can build a new standout resume or improve your current one!

What is Vmock?

VMock is a career acceleration platform with a 24-7 online resume review tool that leverages data, machine learning, and language processing to provide instant personalized feedback while you build or improve your resume. It’s designed to improve a variety of resume types across various fields and industries using global best practices.

Use VMock to:

  • Get an objective score on your resume benchmarked against thousands of others.
  • Assess how well you have marketed your core competencies.
  • Receive personalized line-by-line feedback on aspects that recruiters focus on.
  • Improve your resume with targeted recommendations.
  • Ensure your resume is a fit for your target career.
  • Re-upload or re-score your resume to see your score go up!

“VMock was a great service for developing my CV. Building an academic CV was a challenge for me, having nothing to build off and it was necessary for graduate school applications, scholarship applications, and future job postings. VMock was able to prompt what specific info to include and provide helpful feedback automatically to enhance my CV. After it helped me cover all the important necessary information, it was easy to format to be visually appealing. I have submitted my VMock CV to several locations and it has made a lasting impression allowing me to pursue the next steps in my academic and professional career.”

2021 AU Student Testimonial

How to Get Started

  • Sign-up for VMock using your @athabasca.edu email or whichever email address you have on record with AU.
  • You will receive an approval email within a few days that will contain a link to Login.
  • Upload a PDF of your resume and get started!

Questions about Using VMock?

If you need any help navigating VMock, please check inside the portal for user guides and video overviews, or reach out to VMock directly at support@vmock.com.

We recommend students sign up using the email address they have on record with Athabasca University. Please note, it can take a few business days for your request to join the VMock platform to be approved.

You must be currently taking an undergraduate course at Athabasca University in order to get free access to VMock courtesy of AUSU.

If you have questions about getting access to VMock or other AUSU services, contact our Member Services Coordinator at services@ausu.org.

“Updating my resume is always something I stress about, but VMock made it much easier and less stressful.  They have templates to help with formatting and prompts to make sure I included all the important sections and information that’s expected, and it provided feedback about how I could change my wording to make my resume more concise and professional.  It’s a great service that students should take advantage of!”

2021 AU Student Testimonial