Undergraduate Student Research

Broaden your experience, enhance your resume or CV, and strengthen your graduate studies application with undergraduate student research at Athabasca University!

Join us for Research Week 2022

Have your questions answered in a casual, no-pressure evening with Dr Andrew Perrin as he provides information and advice on undergraduate research. 

Dr Perrin is the Associate Vice President of Research at AU and is committed to enhancing AU’s reputation and program as a comprehensive research university. His own research explores the intersections of religious identity, the development of traditions, and objects of common cultural heritage. He lives and works in the Calgary area in Treaty 7 region.

Click the following button on January 26 at 5 pm MT to join this Zoom event:

What else is happening?

Join Dr Vive Kumar and David Boulanger as they talk about their computer science research, highlighting especially David’s work as an undergraduate researcher and the value that research has had in his program. Want to learn more about undergraduate research? Then you have to listen to AUSU Open Mic Podcast #53: Benefits of Undergraduate Student Research at AU.

Tune in on social media for Keeping Up With Karen, an exclusive AUSU interview series hosted by VP External Karen Fletcher who chats one-on-one with special guests about their different perspectives of undergraduate research.

Is there anything I can do now?

Start Preparing for Undergraduate Student Research, a Learner Pathway available on the AUSU LinkedIn Learning page for AU learners wanting to get involved in research. The three-part pathway includes Preparation, Research and Data, and Presentation sections, each with courses you can pick from to help build knowledge and confidence in research processes.

Did you know that Athabasca University is a Comprehensive Academic and Research University (CARU)? Existing and emerging research at AU can be grouped into four broad themes not inclusive of all the research being done. They are:

Environmental and societal dynamics

Related to social, economic, and ecological dimensions of sustainability.

Society, culture, health, and well-being

Related to human experience, individual or collective, past, present, or future.

Pedagogies and pedagogical theory

Examining traditional education, including how learning is nurtured and measured.

Digital futures

The design, application, and impact of digital technology on society.

Check out the University’s 5-Year Strategic Research Plan.

Undergraduate research

If you have any suggestions for resources that could help fellow AU students interested in undergraduate research, please email [email protected].