How can I connect with other AU students?

Category: Communications

There are numerous ways to get in contact with other AU students!

Get connected on the AU Student Mobile App, free courtesy of AUSU. The app has a very active campus chat community as well as lots of other great features for AU students.

Follow AUSU on social media for regular updates and to connect with fellow students online (@AUStudentsUnion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn).

Reach out to the community on the unofficial AU Facebook Group for students.

Search Facebook for “Athabasca University Group” to find other groups on Facebook, such as the Athabasca University Student Families Group, or the Athabasca University LPN-BN Group. There are many other groups based on programs out there as well.

Check out The Voice, your AUSU student publication. It is a weekly edition full of news, views, interviews, and more written by AU students, for AU students. You can also become a writer for The Voice, share articles with your fellow students, and make some extra cash while you are at it!

Many classes have a discussion option in Moodle so that classmates can chat with each other. If you are not sure if this is an option for your course, check with your tutor.

Connect with a new Alumni or fellow student for a virtual coffee date every month using the AU Alumni Connect.

Join the Discord Channel for AU students at Check out the group chat or individual channels for each program. *Note – this is a student-run channel. 

Most importantly, stay up to date with the AU Students’ Union! We hold events (in-person and virtual) throughout the year, as well as various contests and survey. We also sometimes have opportunities for students to get more directly involved, such as our Student Council elections, or open committee seats for members to fill. We post about new opportunities to get involved in our bi-weekly e-newsletter and on social media.