Can I make use of AUSU’s services even if I am a distance learner?

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Absolutely! Make note, Athabasca University is an online institution, which means all AU students are distance learners, and they are spread out across Canada and the world. All our services were designed specifically for online education students and can be accessed no matter where you live.

AUSU Awards and Bursaries – these are available to all AUSU members, regardless of location, and we have an easy-to-use online application.

Mobile App – free download no matter your location, with an active campus chat community. Great place to find study buddies in your local area and chat with fellow students!

LinkedIn Learning Subscription – thousands of online video training from industry experts on a huge range of topics ranging such as program training, business skills, marketing, programming languages, photography, design, career skills and much more.

Eyewear Discounts – these are offered through FYi Doctors, which has over 300 locations across Canada and growing. Get up to 40% off vision care!

Pharmacy Savings – free next business day delivery of prescriptions across Canada through Direct2U Pharmacy, reduced dispensing and drug fees, and discounts through their online store.

The Voice Magazine – AUSU student publication, written by AU students, for AU students, and is entirely online.

AUSU Open Mic Podcast – free podcast for AU students on a range of topics such as interviews, services, resources, advocacy, tips for students, and more.

All of our other resources are online, including career resourcescourse evaluations, and AU quick links.

In addition, AUSU uses multiple online platforms to engage our members and keep them up to date on events, services, resources, tips, and news relevant to AU students. These include semi-monthly electronic newsletter, our mobile app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked in, as well as our website and online forum.

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