What is the difference between AUSU and AU?

AU is the Athabasca University itself.

AUSU is the Athabasca University Students’ Union. We are a completely separate, student run organization, with our own office space and budget. AUSU represents the undergraduate students of Athabasca University, with a membership of over 35,000 students per year. AUSU is run by council of 9 elected representatives, which includes 3 executive councillors, and a small staff comprised of 2 full-time and 2 part-time staff members.

AUSU collects a small student fee with each undergraduate course registration ($3 per credit), which is the lowest student fee in Alberta. With these fees, we provide numerous student services, including many awards and bursaries, free mobile app, free Student Lifeline health & wellness program, free subscription to, online course evaluations, eyewear discounts, and more. We also provide extensive student advocacy, at the university level, as well as with the federal and provincial governments.

Make note, questions specific to AU should be directed to AU itself. Although AUSU can provide support and direction, we are not advisors for Athabasca University and do not work for them. You can find the AU contact information online here.

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